Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recap: Maison d'Etoile & Megan Summerville present Lingerie Cabaret

Maison d'Etoile was HOT... and so was the lingerie Monday night.  Although we were all sweating uncomfortably in the little old East side house that is home to wig shop Coco Coquette, Charm School Vintage, and Salon d'Etoile; we were all able to endure the accidental sauna due to the lovely eye candy in front of us.  Plus, singer Mistress Stephanie not only serenaded us with her lovely voice, but also kept us laughing with her outgoing charm.  If I ever have to sing in front of a sardine packed crowd in a sweaty house I too would probably fan my lady bits with an audience member's hat.  Not only to keep myself cool, but to also keep things classy.

Megan Summerville unveiled her latest lingerie designs at the Maison d'Etoile event for Austin Fashion Week, and although she told me beforehand that she was nervous, I knew she had nothing to be nervous about.   Megan Summerville is easily one of my favorite designers in Austin.  The attention to detail that she puts into her handmade pieces is what amazes me the most.  I love that her looks have a vintage vibe, but aren't too costume-y.  Her designs are unique and special, while still being completely wearable.  The wigs from Coco Coquette and fascinators from Madame Reverie added to the Cabaret vibe of the show and it all came together beautifully (despite the heat.)  

If you like what you see here you should check out Megan Summerville's shop at Cypress Vanguard!

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