Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall around my neck, who's the fairest of them all? Well, it was a long winter and with all this blogging, I definitely could use some sun (or at least some bronzer).

The necklace you see pictured here is in fact a mirror. I love when fashion and practicality shake hands and unite to create something fab.

This entire outfit was found at the Domain. When the Domain first opened, I was hesitant, but I have grown to really enjoy it. And now that there are less expensive stores such as Forever 21, as well as department stores like Dillard's, there is even more reason to shop at the North side of Austin.

necklace: Forever 21, dress: Ark & Co. at luxe apothetique, shoes: Steve Madden at Macy's

The Domain is having a fashion show later this month. I will post details on that soon, so stay tuned! I have to go windex my necklace now.

keep austin stylish


livin wide said...

joanna! these are absolutely gorgeous. you have such a talent. i grew up in austin and need to move back asap.

love your blog.
hope you'll stop by:

joanna said...

thank you thank you. i'm sure austin misses you.