Thursday, March 11, 2010

SXSW Fashion Essentials

Whether you are from Austin or are just visiting, here are my Fashion Essentials for SXSW

1. Shades

You gots to have some killer shades for SXSW whether they be some vintage Ray Bans, new Pradas, or some neon plastic shades you stole from a fraternity kid. You don't want a headache from squinting at the day parties. Plus, the sun is always a little brighter after a night of drinking (this is assuming you actually stop drinking long enough to have a hangover.)

2. Boots

I believe in the power of the boot. To me, boots will always be the perfect footwear, but boots are especially essential when you will be doing a lot of walking and/or dancing. Plus, there are many styles to choose from and they go great with almost any dress. You could rock a cowboy boot, motorcycle boot, or even a high heeled bootie at night. (Oh yeah, boots are also a good place to store your flask for those parties that don't have free booze shhh.)

3. Facial Hair

This one is for the guys (hopefully that was obvious.) The guys in Austin have been getting very creative with their facial hair in the past couple of years and I'm diggin it. The hipster mustache, long side burns, or the full out grizzly beard. I'm sure you will see facial hair in many forms at southby and I'm sure you will enjoy the spectacle. Guys, if you haven't rocked the facial hair before, now's the time. Hopefully it's not too late for you to grow it out.

4. Hands Free Purse

This is a practical one. I have a large Coach purse that I use on a daily basis, and then I have what I call my "downtown purse." The downtown purse is what you will need for SXSW. It must have a long strap and preferably be able to go across your shoulder if needed. It needs to be just big enough to hold everything you absolutely need which includes phone, id, money, maybe camera, gum etc.

5. Bright Lip Shade

Think Sandra Bullock at this year's Oscars. I loved that pop of color she was sporting. In the past bright red has been a popular look, but I think this year it will be all about the bright pink shades. This is the time to have fun with your lip color. Don't be afraid to go with something bold, but don't make yourself look like a clown either. Choose a shade that works best for your skin tone.

6. Rock Star Attribute

This could be in the form of jewelry, a clothing item, a hat, etc. Most of us have at least something in our closet that we bought when we were feeling like a rock star. This has happened to me a few's the reason why I have a cropped motorcycle sequined jacket in my closet. If there was ever a time to wear something that makes you feel like a rock star, SXSW is that time. But if you're not an actual rock star, I would only work one "rock star attribute" otherwise you might look like you are wearing a costume. And lord help us if you are labeled a "poser." :P

have fun at SXSW and of course,

keep austin stylish

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