Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion: Faves and Least Faves

The romantic look ruled the Red Carpet at the 2010 Academy Awards.

Overall the TRENDS of the night were:
-pastels such as light pinks and purples
My Faves

It was Sandra Bullock's night in more ways than one. Besides, winning the Oscar for Best Actress, Sandra looked stunning in this glamorous metallic dress. The lipstick color brought interest to the dress and made the look my favorite of the night.

Rachel McAdams is just so cute! The print of this dress was so different, but in a good way. And I love the way the dress fits her on top. This was a very cool choice. Plus her earrings were fab.

Meryl Streep looked great in white. I'm giving Meryl one of the best dressed of the night because a lot of times the 50+ gals don't get it right, but she got it right. She looks appropriate for her age but still hot.

Maggie Gyllenhal stood out amongst the metallics and pastels that seemed to rule the night. I love a good bold print. This dress is fun and flirty, while still remaining elegant for the Oscars.

My Least Faves

Yes, I realize that Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing Chanel Couture, but I'm sorry. Some dresses are made for the runway and not real life. This dress did absolutely nothing for SJP's body, plus the hair was just way too much for me. I wanted to pop that gigantic bun off her head.

So I get that fashion isn't Tina Fey's thing, but couldn't her stylist for once at least make it look like she cared? The dress isn't horrible I guess, but it's not great. And the hair is a little too "business in the front, party in the back."

Charlize Theron is on the least Faves list for an obvious reason: Cinnabon Boobs.

There is something kind of pretty about Zoe Saldana's dress. I think the color and ruffles at the bottom are actually pleasing, but the slit in the dress is awkward. As you work your way up from the bottom of the dress, it looks like the dress turns into a completely different dress on top. I wish the top and the bottom had worked together more organically.

Jennifer Lopez's dress is just too stiff. It looks like it would be uncomfortable to touch, doesn't it? Maybe the fabric looked better in person, but on camera it just looks tacky. I actually don't like anything about this dress. And why is Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars anyway?


stefanie said...

i was shocked to learn that tin fey's dress was a michael kors. i expect better than that from him! and meryl's fab look was designed by ex project runway contestant chris march. that is HUGE for him. super exciting!

stefanie said...

err, obviously i meant to type tina, not tin. haha damnit!

joanna said...

i had no idea meryl's dress was designed by chris march. he was always my favorite! that makes me like the dress even more. wow

Stacy said...

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! <----this was my reaction to SJP's dress. HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving your blog, btw. I did an oscar post too, check it out!

star said...

i liked SJP's dress! its not the best shes worn, but i liked it enough.