Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shimmer & Bliss Spring 2010 Launch Party

My Cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore... I couldn't get that Stevie Wonder song out of my head last night after returning from the Shimmer and Bliss Spring 2010 launch party. My Cherie Haley is the creator of Shimmer and Bliss, an accessories line consisting of hand dyed silk scarves. My Cherie personally dyes each scarf in her own home and says "Dye is everywhere in my house. On the kitchen cabinets, everywhere." But My Cherie loves putting so much persoanl care into each and every scarf because she wants them to be special.

Local band, Suede brought the jams with my personal favorite song of the night being Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." Oooooh yeeeaaaah.

The lovely girl on the left there is Kappie Bliss, owner of the W.2nd street boutique Beyond Tradition where this event was held and also where you can go to buy a Shimmer and Bliss scarf if your heart desires.

My Cherie spent the night showing everyone how to rock a scarf. The cool thing about these scarves is their uniqueness. Each one is hand dyed, so no 2 scarves are exactly alike. And like the scarves themselves, the people that wear them are unique and can choose to wear the scarf in their own special way.

I had to go back for seconds at the Cannoli Joe's table. Is it wrong to go back for seconds when the food is free? It was too good for me to care about etiquette.

Here was my unique way of wearing my scarf. I used it to tie my hair into a ponytail. My Cherie said she had never seen someone wear the scarf like it before, but this is actually my new favorite hair accessory now. Plus, the big hair bow is going to be a trend this Spring. I am shimmering blissfully.

keep austin stylish


Stacy said...

Hey I know that girl in the blue scarf!!!!! Her name is Carly, I went to college with her! CRAZY!

joanna said...

Small world! She was the shimmer and bliss model. Did you notice she was standing in front of her picture?

Stacy said...

I DID! Yeah, she models. She was also Miss Texas or something.

Shimmer and Bliss said...

Omg! This write up us beautiful! You are rocking my Shimmer & Bliss world!!! It was truly a great event with the love and support of you and so many other beautiful spirits! Thank you and I can't wait for our next adventure;-) And yes, the Lapis blue scarf as a ponytail holder is quite genius;-) xo~ mh

Kayla said...

I love your blog. It lets me see a side of Austin that I don't know. I wish I lived there the more I read your blog!

joanna said...

Thank you Kayla! That is a great compliment. And yes, Austin is a great place to live and has many sides to it!