Friday, March 5, 2010

Fashion FAIL of the Month...Again

*Sigh* I hate to have to do this again. We are still in the first week of March and sadly the Fashion FAILS are all around me. This time the FAIL is wearing shorts or pants with symbols on the butt.

I guess this whole thing started back in 2001 when Juicy Couture decided it was a great idea to make track suits something that people thought were stylish and appropriate to wear out in public. But the ridiculousness didn't stop there. They had to write "JUICY" on the butt to make it that much more fashionable. I hated it then and I still hate it now.

This poor girl looks like she accidentally sat on a recently painted bench. If you want to draw attention to your behind, do it with a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly or a cute fitted skirt.

Just remember, your butt is not a billboard.

keep austin stylish


Janelle said...

serious fail. good advice

joanna said...

thanks Janelle!

Andhari said...

UGH I hate these trends as well!