Saturday, March 27, 2010


One of my goals when I started this blog was to capture photos of people out and about in Austin sporting interesting/cool/awful/noteworthy/etc. style. I'm calling these entries "STYLE watch" and there will be lots more to come. Enjoy!

Where: The Domain fashion show event
When: Friday March 26, 2010

This guy might not be keeping austin stylish but he is definitely keeping austin weird! I would love to see what the rest of his closet looks like.

This girl is rockin 2 different style trends: the studious hipster look mixed with bohemian chic. I kinda wish she would have stuck with one or the other. I like the headband and I like the glasses, but not together. What do you think?

This photo almost deserves a separate blog post all to itself. I feel like this couple must already have a photo on that I don't know about. Fashion advice to all the couples out there from keep austin stylish: if you look at your partner and you think for a second you are looking in a mirror, change your outfit ASAP.

keep austin stylish


Anonymous said...

And he won't stoop to drinking DP from a filthy can, he pours it in a glass. I think the stripey couple is precious.

joanna said...

My boyfriend thought the striped twins were cute too. When I showed him the photo I was laughing so hard and he just looked at me and said "they look cute."

Lariats and Lavender said...

I like the couple dressed the same! I think they look great. And props to them for enjoying each other so much and having the same fashion taste!

Honestly, I do not think there is a "bad" style. I think everyone should express themselves how they want and feel great, no matter what they're wearing. What one person thinks is hideous, someone else will adore.

Like the first picture, some may not like that guys look and some may think it's excellent! Who are we to judge? ^_^

joanna said...

I may poke fun at other people's style choices on here, but I actually really appreciate the odd styling choices that people make. It keeps things interesting. And Austin is definitely an interesting town. But I still think the photo of the couple dressed the same is hilarious.

Hipstercrite said...

yay austin! i wanted to do a street style post during sxsw but i was too lazy. soooo many interesting outfits!