Friday, March 19, 2010

Urban Outfitters Live in Austin

Two days ago, with no plans and no particular purpose I walked into the Urban Outfitters on the drag. On my way I overhear a girl tell her friend that my dress is cute. This is enough to make this non-eventful outing a good one. But little did I know, there was more to come.

I walk into the store and start to browse slowly making my way to the back of the store. Then, like Dorothy walking into the land of Oz, my black and white world turned to color when I see that there is a live band and wait, could it be? Yes, free beer. How could I resist?

Drinking and shopping are a fun combo. just as long as you don't drink so much that you make poor buying decisions. But for someone who is stuck in a fashion rut and tends to buy the same types of things again and again, it might be a good idea!

After a second look around at the clothes, I came across this sailor themed dress with anchors on it. I really like that the nautical theme is a big trend this Spring. Personally I have been loving nautical themed clothes for a long time. A section in my closet is dedicated to navy and white clothes that would be boat appropriate, so I couldn't resist trying this dress on. Unfortunately it was too small on top and it was also kinda see through...yikes.

Even though I didn't walk out with anything, this was a fun shopping experience. Oh wait, I did walk out with a free tote bag. Huzzah!

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sarah said...

Just FYI- I'm a new store that sells Urban and Anthro goods for cheap!! Come stop by I've got a ton of really cute nautical garments!!