Sunday, April 25, 2010

Barton Creek Square Fashion Show Event Recap

This weekend Barton Creek Square held their "Trends and Friends Weekend." They started things off on Friday with cupcakes and cocktails with all donations going towards "Project Princess." Project Princess is a pretty awesome nonprofit organization that collects dresses and other prom accessories to give to underprivileged high school girls. To find out more about Project Princess and to donate click here.

the Project Princess girls
The cupcakes were provided by The Cupcake Bar, which I have to say was a really fun and delicious treat. I chose a red velvet cupcake, pink cream cheese frosting, and topped it off with blue sprinkles. It was a mini sized cupcake so it was super cute. The size reminded me of those mini muffins I used to bring to lunch sometimes in middle school. Mmmm.

After I grabbed my cupcake, I snagged myself some wine and went to choose my seat for the runway show. What was waiting for me in my seat? A swag bag! I find that free stuff is always exciting no matter what it is (this one contained coupons, catalogs, chocolates, and hand sanitizer.)

In between the runway shows I got my photo taken in the complimentary photo-booth. Yeah, I'm that awkward kid who went into the photo-booth by herself.

Now on to the not so great part of this event...the fashion! I know I shouldn't expect much from mall fashions shows, but I can't help but be hopeful. This event was put on by Simon which is the same company that owns the Domain. I think the Domain fashion show I went to awhile ago was a little better than this one. I guess because the Domain contains higher end stores, they had a higher production value for those shows.

At this show there was a big sign above the runway that said "Simon Trends and Friends." Before the show started, this sign fell down onto the runway. I guess this was a sign (literally) that the show wasn't going to be that great.The clothes in the shows were just nothing special at all, and some of the models at this show looked like baby deer caught in the headlights. I guess a mall fashion show is a starting out point for a lot of them, so I shouldn't be so harsh, but, let's get it together people. Don't you watch America's Next Top Model?

Here is some of the fashion that walked the runway:


The Gift Solution

Banana Republic

"He needs to smile. And he looks like a mailman. I don't trust him." -the awesome lady sitting next to me whose lovely daughter was one of the more experienced models

The Limited

In The Loop

Forever 21

White House Black Market

keep austin stylish

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Caity said...

That is awesome! What a fantastic organization and a super fun thing to do! I love cupcakes! :D

We used to have a fashion show fundraiser at my high school each year and it was so much fun.