Monday, April 12, 2010

My Vintage Finds

Did y'all check out the Vintage clothing liquidation sale? If you did, you would have found out that they changed the venue last minute. The clothing sale actually took place at the "Bouquet Room" in the Omni Hotel at 7th St. and San Jacinto. But that wasn't all that was disorganized.

Where were the racks of clothes? Yeah, there weren't any. There were just piles. Piles upon piles of randomly placed clothes. I stood in the non-air conditioned room rummaging through the polyester trying to find a natural fiber diamond in the rough. The normal person
might have felt overwhelmed in this scenario, but I had flashbacks to my
high school days spent cleaning out my great Aunt's farm house. I knew there had to be a clothing equivalent to an antique 1950's Jadite plate in there, and I was determined to be the one to find it. My determination led to me finding several pieces of awesome clothing.

Here are a couple of my faves:

Some of the things I bought need a new button or two. Simple fixes that will be fun and totally worth it. That jumper in the middle, however, is in great condition and fits me perfectly which was kind of a miracle since I wasn't able to try it on (did I mention there are no dressing rooms and only one mirror?) I can't wait to accessorize these! I ended up with 5 pieces overall for a total of $23. Not too shabby. Or is it shabby chic?

This sale is technically still going on right now and is supposed to last til 10 tonight. It is also happening tomorrow from 10am - 6pm.

Happy thrifting to all and to all a good night.

keep austin stylish

P.S. was anyone else there when that little rift between the 2 older guys was happening? What was that about? Y'all almost killed my vintage shopping buzz. ALMOST.


Julie Jones said...

found a couple gems myself, although it was so picked through by the time I got there (only a couple hours after it opened) ugh.

Love the white dress ma'am!

Janelle said...

wow you found way cute stuff. i found a lace vest and skirt that needs to be hemmed. that place was a sea of polyester!

joanna said...

i wanna see what y'all got!