Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New York Style vs. Austin Style

I had a fabulous time in the big city but I am glad to be back where fried chicken is served with cream gravy instead of brown.

Besides taking in the tastes, sounds and sometimes questionable smells of New York, I of course focused most of my attention on the visuals and more specifically the clothes.
My fantastic friend Lauren Zaffaroni (a.k.a. Zaff) and I rented bikes and rode around Central Park (probably my favorite place in NY) but pulled over to chat about the difference between New York style and Austin style.

what I'm wearing: hat: Target, sunglasses: Ray Bans, jacket: Urban Outfitters, dress: Blue Elephant, tights: H&M, boots: Aldo
Zaff has been living in New York for over a year now and previously lived in Austin for 4 years, so she knows what's up.

I took a video of our interview but it didn't look so great and normally when I read blogs I don't play videos anyway and prefer to read, so I transcribed it for y'all:

Me: What would you say one of the big differences between New York style and Austin style is?

I think people in New York wear a lot more black. Tons and tons of black. And here you have to dress more for the seasons and in Austin every day is summertime. Here you see a lot more people in nice coats and prettier outerwear because it's more important. And then shoes are different because it's more important that you have shoes that are good to walk in.. as I see that girl walking by in platforms...

Would you say people in New York are more brand conscious than in Austin?

Zaff: Um probably. They probably know their brands better than people in Austin. I don't know. I don't spend a lot of time in areas where people are carrying Louis Vuitton bags but I think they might be more educated about brands.

Me: Is there anything about Austin style or fashion that you miss?

Zaff: Oh yeah. I miss cowboy boots. I mean, I could still wear my cowboy boots but not as often. I definitely miss that and I miss being able to wear summery clothes for a longer period of time. I miss that for sure.

Are there any specific stores in Austin that you miss?

I miss Room Service. You can't get vintage clothing here for a reasonable price at all. I miss thrifting in general. What else do I miss...I liked By George a lot but I didn't buy a lot there because I have no money.

Me: Is there anything stylewise from living in New York that you think you will take back with you if you move back to Austin or anywhere else?

Zaff: I don't know. That's a hard question. Yeah, probably. I will probably continue to wear a lot of black... and...yeah...that was a bad answer, sorry. Edit.

Me: Don't tell me how to edit my own video.


RachInTheCity said...

I miss H&M. We really need one in Austin. -New Austin resident, former New Yorker.

joanna said...

I know right. I was gonna mention that in my next post. I dont understand why we don't have one.

kesoape said...

Reading this practically made me cry... I miss both of you SO MUCH!!!