Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Wanna See Some Local Designers on TV

Where are my Austin designers?

"Project Runway" is casting for season 8 right now and they are supposedly looking for more people from Texas. This is your opportunity Austinites! "Project Runway" is a huge launching pad. Plus, I am obsessed with the show, so isn't that enough to get you to apply? The deadline to apply is April 22nd so hurry up.
To learn more and apply click here.

"Project Runway's" red headed step child "Fashion Show" is also casting right now. If you don't remember, "Fashion Show" is the show hosted by Isaac Mizrahi that Bravo tried to use to replace "Project Runway" with after "Project Runway" moved to Lifetime. You probably tried to watch a couple shows and get into it, but quickly learned it was no replacement for "Project Runway". Didn't that description make you want to apply to be on it? That's what I thought.
To learn more and apply click here.

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