Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hey There, Cupcake Sweater

It was way back in April that I purchased this cupcake sweater at Top Shop when I was visiting my friend in New York.  Ever since then I have been imaging wearing it at one of my favorite local cupcake spots, Hey Cupcake.  And even though it is a lightweight sweater, it really hasn't been cold enough to wear it...until now!  

Yesterday was the second time I have worn the cupcake sweater and this time I decided it was time to have my photo taken in it.  Luckily via twitter, a special photographer and friend of mine agreed to come have a cupcake photo shoot with me on the spur of the moment.   This shoot was way too much fun.  And this coat I got from local boutique Adelante a couple of years ago has the perfect whimsical and happy vibe  to match the cupcake sweater.

sweater: Top Shop
coat: Adelante
jeans: SoLa
cowboy boots: had them forever...from I think Cavenders

photography by Patrick Meredith

My favorite flavor is red velvet.  What's yours?

keep austin stylish

P.S. The sprinkles on this shirt are beads that sparkle in the light.  Way too awesome.
P.P.S. I definitely still have icing stuck in my hair while writing this post.


amy said...

These are great! The light is amazing and you look fabulous!

amy said...

Oh, I never answered your question! My long-standing favorite cupcake from Hey Cupcake is the Michael Jackson -- chocolate cake and creamcheese icing. Uh... delicious. Also nice with a shot of whipped cream in the center.