Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The month of November is now known as Movember.  "Huh?"  Let me do a little explaining.

While October was breast cancer awareness month and products everywhere were made pink in support, the moustache has become the "pink ribbon" for men's health.  So if you are (hopefully) a dude and you want to show your support for the fight against cancer, then all you have to do is not shave for the month of Movember and rock that stache.  Since a lot of the guys in Austin already have a stache this won't be too hard.  The funds raised through Movember's campaign will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.

Guys click here to register and participate in Movember!

Ok, but, besides giving moral support, what can the ladies do to help this cause?  TOMS has a limited edition Movember TOMS.  Check this out y'all.  A mustache on your shoe!

They also have these available for men.  So if you're one of those unfortunate (or fortunate depending on  how you look at it) guys who can't grow a stache, then you could get some of these TOMS instead.

Check out this previous post about TOMS to see where you can find TOMS in Austin.  I haven't called around to see if any of them are carrying these Movember TOMS, but if they aren't you can always order them online.  I would go to a store first though to try them on and make sure you know what size to get.

AND in honor of Movember, the Highball is throwing a Movember 70s Dance Party this Saturday!

So whether it be on your face or your feet, rock that stache!

keep austin stylish


Hipstercrite said...

Oooh...I want to dance with mustaches!

joanna said...

I figured you would! I actually thought about you when writing this post.

Anonymous said...

Those are the least offensive Toms shoes I've ever seen.