Thursday, November 11, 2010

UFG Fall Fashion Event

In case y'all were unaware, there is a group for people interested in fashion at UT called University Fashion Group.  I was a UFG member for a couple of years when I went to UT and I loved it.  It gave me my first experience working behind the scenes at fashion shows.  (It also led to an eye opening experience that I can't really discuss on my blog, but you can ask me about that in person someday if you'd like.)

But anyway, tomorrow UFG is holding a Fashion Fall Event at the Megan Summerville/ Launch787 Patio.  If you've never been, it's a really picturesque backyard area where you just wanna hang out and sip cocktails.  (I honestly don't know how Megan gets any work done over there.)

In addition to complimentary food, a live DJ, and activities like t-shirt reconstruction, there will also be a a fashion competition!  The categories for the competition include: most glamorous, most trendy, most original, most eco-friendly, most thrifty, the "Keep Austin Weird" award, and overall best dressed.  There will also be raffles throughout the night for prizes.

This event is free for UFG members and $7 for non-members.


  • UFG Fall Fashion Event
  • Megan Summerville/ Launch787 Patio
  • 606 East 3rd St.

  • Friday, Nov.12
  • 6 - 9pm

keep austin stylish

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