Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion FAIL: Bathrobe in Public

photo submitted by Patrick Meredith

I like to be somewhat lenient on my Fashion Fails because it's Austin and we are known for being weird (and sometimes this includes wearing weird things).  But in the case of this photo...this is fashion laziness, and just laziness in general.  A pink polka dotted bathrobe is a cute clothing item for the BATHROOM or lounging around the house.  This is not an acceptable thing to wear outside the house even if you are just going to Thundercloud to get a sandwich (which is what is happening here).  At least put on some pants! Geez.

I'd like to note that as a nice contrast to the bathrobe FAIL, the girl next to her has on some killer heels that I'm pretty sure are the same ones I have and wore in this photo shoot.

keep austin stylish


Cheryl said...

Ha! I saw her sister Sunday morning in the matching pants and uggs. Really people!

Diya said...

LOL this is hilarious...I sincerely hope you do more of this.

ps.also wearing nike shorts + ugg boots don't really make sense how cold can your feet get while it's hot enough for shorts?

This Is Kami said...

Awww - this makes me sad. Why do people insist on going outside in Uggs/pajama bottoms/bathrobes? There a plenty of ways to be comfortable and casual that do not involve wearing your bedclothes in public.

Amanda said...

ha, once I saw some girls get kicked out of HEB wearing just towels wrapped around themselves. (Hancock center)
PS my word verification is SHNESSED.
That's an awesome word.

joanna said...

Maybe when people dress in pajamas and robes in public, we can call it "shnessing".

Example: I just saw a girl shnessing in some pajamas at HEB. Maybe she got hungry for some chips and has a sleepwalking problem.