Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Downtown Debauchery

Last Saturday a bunch of us fashion minded girls got together to have a night of downtown shenanigans.  One of the best parts about going out with a group of stylists, make up artists, and fashion bloggers is that getting ready to go out is half the fun of going out.  Laura Martinez helped all of us out with our makeup and we got to experiment with something I have never tried before- fake eyelashes.  Trust me, if I tried to put on fake eyelashes by myself at home I would probably end up looking like a drunk tranny.  With the help of Laura, it actually looked pretty cool.  Probably not something I will do in the future though.  Why?  

I learned this weekend that I am a pretty low maintenance girl.  While fake eyelashes are fun to look at, the whole night I was afraid my eyelashes were going to fall off (not an unlikely scenario).  And while we made our way to clubs on west 6th street that I had never heard of, I realized that I am just as happy hanging out on the dirty side where I can get free drinks and I'm scared to touch anything in the restrooms.  

Speaking of restrooms, the ones on the west side are filled with beauty products in case you need to touch up your hair spray in the bathroom.  Yeah...the way my hair looks is probably the least of my worries when I'm downtown.  The worries usually read more like: "Wait, where's my phone?" " How am I going to get home?" " I really need to pee!"  And while I have learned how to wear heels downtown without embarrassing myself or dying from pain, I only wear heels that I know will allow me to dance.  This is why I am obsessed with wedges.  I can actually walk around or dance for hours in wedges and still be comfortable.   

Enjoy these photos that tell the events of the night:


Sandhya was also a fake eyelash newbie, and it made her a little nervous and giggly ( an understandable reaction.)

Roll Call!  Here we are in our outfits for the night.  I'm going to pretend we are in an all girl band.  I call drums.

"The Vintage Vixen"

"The Fierce Fox"

"The Beauty Betty"

"The Thrifty Thriller"

Joanna (me)
"The Chic Chick"? 
(it was harder naming myself than naming the others)

The plaid boys!  Who do you think rocked their plaid the best?  My vote goes to the guy in the middle.

This is the part of the night where I was really confused where I was.  An actual text I sent my friend this night: 
"Dude.  I've taken a LOT of shots tonight and the alcohol is only just now sinkin in.  Also, I don't know where the ___ I am.  I'm in some euro dance club.  I don't think I'm in Austin.  Help."

By the time we made it to 24 Diner to get some grub, the alcohol had worn off and I was starting to feel like I was in Austin again when we saw Jessica Alba in the table across from us.  Does Jessica Alba ever venture outside of the Whole Foods area?  I swear she must live in that Whole Foods and only go to places within walking distance.

Back home...
...and back to reality.

Special thanks to Sandhya for offering up her apartment and being the awesome hostess! 

keep austin stylish


livin wide said...

as long as i'm not singing, we're ok.

i don't even know what i'm doin in half these shots! love it.

Anonymous said...

You guys are too cute for words. :)

mystylescript said...

What a night! Had a great time with you gals =) "Fierce Fox"..I could live by that, thanks!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I had such a great night - thanks, everyone!

Joanna, I've reblogged some of your photos (with credit, naturally) - I hope that's okay!

A x