Friday, November 5, 2010

Recap: Fall Fashion Show with Hem, Stanton, and Estilo

Thursday night I went to the Fall Fashion Show put on by Hem Jeans, Stanton, and Estilo.   The fashion show was hosted at Embellish Nail Salon & Boutique in Westlake.  Seeing as I'm not a wealthy mom, I don't spend much time in that area of town, so it was kinda fun to hang out in a different area.  

The Embellish here was a lot bigger, a lot pinker (pink walls pink ceiling, pink everything),  and had a lot more accessories than the Embellish in the Triangle.  They actually had a cute selection of shoes and accessories including jewelry, sunglasses, wallets, and more. 

The clothes that walked the runway were VERY wearable.  I liked all the looks except for one outfit that had some unfortunate unflattering pants.  Check out the looks from the show:

Yeah, that was the one look I was not crazy about.  The girl behind me said "those pants are not flattering."  I agree with you.

That outfit was my favorite.  In fact, I have some shoes very similar to those!

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