Monday, January 17, 2011

Take Me To The Library

I've been slacking on taking photos of my outfits lately.  That all changes today!  My outfit today uses my 'ol reliable color combo of black and white clothing with red lipstick as a pop of color.

I love the nerdy schoolgirl vibe of this vintage dress I got from Prototype.  Just for kicks I had to take photos in this outfit while wearing these 1960s vintage glasses frames.  I purchased these glasses for a play that I did the costume design for awhile back.  I don't need glasses, but if I did, I would wear all sorts of crazy frames, especially with outfits like this.

vintage dress: Prototype Vintage
belt: SoLa
shoes: Aldo
seahorse pin: given to me by my late Grammy
vintage glasses: Room Service
lipstick: Russian Red by MAC in the Domain

Now someone please take me to the library...or at least a trivia night at a bar.

keep austin stylish


TrophyBoutique said...

I love this outfit. And the glasses. And the shoes. Oh, wait, that's part of the outfit. You look cute!

amy said...

Uh.. you look stinkin adorable in glasses. Who cares if you don't need a prescription? ;)

joanna said...

thanks guys! I'm secretly kinda excited about getting older so that I get to wear fun reading glasses.