Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ask Me: What do I Wear to an Outdoor Charity Concert?

My email inbox has been filling up with a lot of style questions lately, so I have decided to make this a segment on the blog.  If you have a style question, please ask me!  Here's one I got from a new Austinite....

I am new to Austin, saw your fashion blog and seeking advice.
I have been here less than a month and not sure what to wear to a charity concert.  It is an evening event at a home.  The concert will be outside.
Background:  I am a mom of two, tend to be more on the conservative side of dressing.
Any recommendations you have would be wonderful.

Thank you,
Puzzled by fashion


Welcome to Austin!  First of all, you should know that Austin is a very casual and laid back town when it comes to fashion (and everything for that matter).  So, even if you were supposed to wear a cocktail dress to this event you could probably show up in a pair of flip flops and jorts (that's short for jean shorts in case you didn't know) and no one would look at you twice.  With that said, I really discourage dressing like you are going to a pool party.  But, since it is has been getting really warm lately and the concert is outside, you shouldn't have to be uncomfortable.  When I think of an outdoor concert in the spring I think of a bright colored or floral print dress.  How about you wear a long maxi dress?  Longer skirts and dresses are in style right now which is great for those who dress more conservatively.  Just make sure you go with one that isn't too clingy but is instead more flowy.

Maxi dresses are great because they are comfortable and can be dressed up or down, and since I'm not sure how formal the event you are going to is, you could easily fit in either way.  And you can always sit down comfortably in a long dress versus a short one (would suck if you wanted to sit down on the grass and are in a short dress or skirt).  If you want to make it look dressier add a fun statement necklace and/or some bangles.  Finish it off with a pair of cute wedges, cowboy boots or flat sandals (especially if you are going to be chasing after your kids) and you are good to go.  Some local stores I suggest for you would be:

Adelante - you could easily put together an entire outfit here as they have plenty of clothes, jewelry, shoes, and even vintage cowboy boots to choose from.

Langford Market - a newer store in the 2nd St. District that has a wide selection of dresses and is not as pricey and limited in their sizes as some of the other 2nd St. shops

Stella Says Go - the best local boutique for shoes.  They have a unique selection of all different types of shoes from flats to heels to boots.  And a lot of their shoes are comfy!

But, if you are super short you might want to throw my maxi dress idea completely out the window...

keep austin stylish

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