Sunday, April 10, 2011

North Loop Sidewalk Sale Finds

The North Loop shopping district has been one of my favorite places to shop in Austin since I started frequenting Room Service in college with my roommate in an attempt to make our apartment unique and awesome (we accomplished this thanks to Room Service and a paint color called Mermaid Treasure.)  So this weekend I made sure to check out the North Loop Sidewalk Sale.  I walked away with a couple of treasures:

Yes, that is the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack on vinyl from Room Service and a high cut 80s swimsuit with mesh that I got for $10.  And an awesome high waisted full skirt that I got at Ermine Vintage for $1.

keep austin stylish


Tara said...

I have that album too! Found it at GoodWill a couple years ago. Awesome!

joanna said...

Yes! My mom makes random mix cd's every so often and her latest one had both Stir It Up and New Attitude by Patti LaBelle on it. I have been digging those songs lately when in her car. So when I saw this it was a must have for my record collection.