Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Cause You Can't Blo Yourself

Last weekend I took Johnny Bravvo to get a blow job.  Umm okay, wait, let me back up here...  Blo is the newest salon to hit Austin, a no cut, no color salon offering simply a shampoo and a blow dry.  Blo focuses on the styling part of a trip to a salon.  In 30 minutes for $33 you can get the "red carpet", "executive sweet", "high society", or "sex, hugs, and rock n' roll" to name a few options from the Blo hair menu.  For my complimentary blo job, I opted for the "sex, hugs, and rock n' roll" while Johnny got the "bro blo."  I'm not sure how many guys would have the confidence to walk into a salon that has as much pink in it as a 7 year old's Hello Kitty themed birthday party and ask for a "bro blo", but having followed Johnny on twitter for awhile, I figured he wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have some attention directed his way.

The "bro blo" consisted of a head massage, wash, blo, and style.  My blo consisted of just a style because, as you may have heard anytime you get your hair styled, "dirty hair is easier to style."  So my 30 minutes (which actually ended up being a little longer than 30 minutes) was spent getting all my hair curled and adding some body.  Anytime anyone can get my hair to look bigger than it does normally, I am instantly impressed.  Even though I am a born and raised Texan originally hailing from Cowtown, my hair does not want to be big.  So, I was pretty impressed with the results.  Check out my photos from inside Blo as well as me and Johnny's before and afters!...

Does the result look like sex, hugs, and rock n' roll?  I think the morning after is when it actually looked  like all of those things, but it did look vivacious and awesome!  Based on my experience at Blo, I would recommend it for anyone who wants a quick style for a special night out (or in).  The stylists all seemed great and you can't really beat the price.  Go get yourself blown!  You deserve it.

Blo is located in 5th Street Commons at
1611 west 5th street, suite 145

keep austin stylish


Micah said...

Haha- This really scared me- I thought you got spammed at first!! Cool new place! Love you in curls.

Blo Blow Dry Bar said...

You look totally amazing! We can't wait to have you and Johnny in again :)

Laurel said...

I wrote a poem for your post that rhymed "girl" with "curl" but then I couldn't go on because I wanted it to have a blow joke but I couldn't think of a funny enough one. Now I am not sure why I am commenting at all. I like your blow jokes. That's all.

joanna said...

hahah! I'm glad you approve of the blow jokes. I tried to think of even more innuendos to sneak in but it was harder than i thought it would be