Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recap: FashioNation's Final Chapter Fashion Show

As Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine played on the speakers behind me, the first model in FashioNation's Final Chapter Fashion Show began to slowly glide down the runway.  In the middle of the show, my friend who was sitting somewhere else tweeted me and said I looked bored.  Maybe it was because I was really tired, maybe it was the dreamy Florence and the Machine song, or maybe it's that I have been to too many fashion shows.  But, I don't think it was any of these things and I don't think boredom was what I was feeling at this fashion show.  I think "uninspired" is the better term to use.  Honestly, the more and more fashion shows that I go to in Austin, the more I crave creativity and something unexpected.

I did get a little taste of this near the end of the show when original designs by local Austin designer Chelsea Jacquelyn Jones of Toxo-Philite and FashioNation co-founder and Texas State grad, Dominique Deveraux, walked the runway.  Even though I wasn't overly impressed with the fashion at the show, I am always impressed by people who start things and make things happen.  The organization that put this show together, FashioNation, was started in order to bring students together who are interested in the fashion industry, and show them that they have the power to make things happen with fashion.  Now we just need to make more things happen with the fashion shows in Austin.

Neiman Marcus


Kenneth Cole

Betsey Johnson

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Cathy Benavides said...

I couldn't agree more! Going through your pictures (which are fabulous!) I was struck by the shoes. It seems like on a lot of the outfits, they are an afterthought. Even if the outfit is styled well, the standard black/nude platform heel is just a let down. I just know that if you styled it, the whole thing would be great, shoes and all!

joanna said...

Aw thanks! And I agree about the shoes. One of those outfits had red shoes and a red purse. How boring for a runway show!

livin wide said...

this was the first time that I have loved every look in a show!

livin wide said...

but reading now and looking back you ladies are right about some of the shoes...others i thought were fab

joanna said...

I just think for a fashion show the styling and everything needs to be amped up!