Monday, April 4, 2011

Outfit: It's Too Early For This

Whose idea was it to have a fashion show at 11am in the morning on a Sunday?  And not only that, but the dress code was cocktail attire.  After the weekend I had, it was definitely too early for this.  I set my camera up on a random car in the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel in order to take some photos of the outfit I wore to the Austin Threads Exclusive Fashion Show because A) I'm classy like that B) I've completely lost all sense of shame and embarrassment and C) I really wanted to show y'all this amazing top I got at Feathers.  I definitely got a few odd stares from people walking in the parking lot.

vintage top: Feathers
shoes: Steve Madden at Macy's in the Domain
vintage purse: found at an estate sale

keep austin stylish


Partay Peeps said...

Thought it looked pretty snazzy.... but hey I guess I never got the memo about cocktail with my ripped up jeans and vest with no shirt ;)

joanna said...

Well, cocktail attire in Austin doesn't really mean much anyway.

martina.reese08 said...

That is an amazing outfit, and your post was HILARIOUS!

Kasey said...

You look fantastic! I feel the same way about snapping photos in random place allllll by myself. As a fashion blogger---you must have no shame!