Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The TOMS Wedge

If you don't know bout TOMS, besides living under a rock, you also are probably unaware that they released their new Wedge today.  Everyone is all a twitterin about it.  When I first saw pictures of the TOMS wedge several months ago, my first thought was "Wow.  They are actually kinda cute."  I came to the conclusion awhile back that the TOMS shoe wearer falls into one of several categories:
-they wear them because they actually think they are cute (this is the rarest breed)
-they pretend to think they are cute because buying them helps a good cause (i think most fall into this category)
-they don't care if they are cute or not because they are comfy and practical
-they are a hipster and hipsters wear TOMS

But alas, the new Wedge is ACTUALLY kinda cute.  At least, I think so. What do you think?  My second thought when I first saw the wedge was "Those are so Austin."  I already see a lot of people sporting TOMS in Austin and I think people here will really be digging the Wedge.  If you haven't drunk the TOMS kool-aid yet, prepare to do so with the Wedge.  The solid color comes in black, light green, and yellow.  The striped one comes in red, navy, and orange.   Y'all already know about my adoration for navy and white stripes so it's probably not hard to guess which ones I like the most.

The TOMS Wedge is available for purchase online.  BUT, if you would like to wait to try them on in the store they will be available at your local boutique, SoLa very soon!

Here is a list of stores in Austin that carry TOMS (The only store I know for sure that will have the wedge is SoLa, but let me know if you know of any others):

Perri berri
Whole Earth
Whole Foods
St.Bernard Sports
Buy Definition


Side Street Style said...

Oooooh I have never tried them on but they do look comfy and I am a fan of the is kinda cute...although if given a wide choice not sure if I would pick them. Great blog...loving follwing :)


joanna said...

Thanks! I'm already a follower of your blog. I found it not too long ago.


This is hilarious and true, haha. Love the blog- I visit Austin literally, once a month and I absolutely love it! Not sure where I fall in- some days I think I'm a hipster so I fall into that category, others I'm girly and all about designers so I fall into the 2nd. hmm...