Saturday, September 4, 2010

Le Garage Sale Keeps Austin Stylish on a Budget

A garage sale doesn't always take place in a garage.  It doesn't always consist of dusty books, used baby strollers, and deteriorating vhs copies of "Home Alone".  The "Le" in Le Garage Sale should tell you that this is not your uncle's garage sale.

Le Garage Sale is the shopping event that takes place at the end of the season, bringing some of Austin's favorite boutiques together in one place to sell their merchandise at majorly discounted prices.

This weekend Le Garage took place at the Palmer Events Center with booths set up by boutiques such as By George, Stella Says Go, Kick Pleat, SoLa, Adelante, and Estilo to name a few.  There were definitely some great deals to be taken advantage of.

If you are trying to keep stylish while keeping your wallet full, I suggest attending Le Garage Sale.  And for more tips on how to be stylish on a budget, check out this video I did with News 8 at Le Garage Sale.

Le Garage Sale is happening again tomorrow from 11am - 5pm.  And to stay up to date on the next Le Garage Sale and other local sales, come back and visit me here at

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livin wide said...

sad i missed the sale but i saw your video - great job!