Saturday, June 12, 2010

5th Annual Austin Designer Sample Sale

It's time to save on some local couture.   Discounts on designs by local Austin designers.

Designers include ‘Best Austin Fashion Designer’ by Rare Magazine, Linda Asaf, as well as Ciara Bride, Rachel Briton, Marnie Bugs, Candace Ang, Micah Yancey, Malissa Long,  Limbo Jewelry, Catherine Nicole, Sew Sister, and one of my favorites...Shimmer and Bliss.

  • Austin Designer Sample Sale
  • Linda Asaf Design Studio
  • 1405 W.6th St. 
  • Austin, TX 78703

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  • Wednesday June 16
  • 3 - 8pm


livin wide said...

um, amazeballs! thanks for the heads up. will you be there? if not, are you up for a thrifting trip sometime soon?

joanna said...

I will totally be at this. But, I am also always up for a thrifting trip!

livin wide said...

k well i'll be there at 3 and we can chat then and maybe go shopping after...or at least plan another time to go.

Anonymous said...

YES! I left this sale with a slinky black dress and a sexy cuff AND saved $125 bucks. Lovin' life right now.