Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do Not Fear the Pop of Color

Ya know how stylish people are always using the term "pop of color"?  If you watch design shows or makeover shows you will hear this phrase used a lot.  Examples, "the bright red pillows add a pop of color to the couch" or "the yellow purse is the perfect pop of color next to the grey dress."

Well, this necklace is my favorite pop of color at the moment.  I knew when I bought this necklace during the winter, that I would be rockin the shit out of it during the summer.  I guess it works during the winter too, but, it comes alive in the summer.  I have been wearing it with tons of different dresses lately.  It makes everything POP! 

If you see a bright bold accessory like this one, you might be afraid that you won't have anything to wear it with, but this is a wrong assumption! Crazy bright colors go with a lot.  Do not fear the pop of color.

 necklace: SoLa, dress: Adelante

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Tiffany said...

very pretty i always add a bit of color too! and i love your dress!
foud you from 20sb! love your blog!