Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Austin Designer Sample Sale: Recap

I went to check out the Austin Designer Sample Sale today at Linda Asaf's studio.  It was fun to get to see up close some of the clothes I have seen in fashion shows recently, such as Malissa Long's designs that I saw in the Les Artistes show.  I also got to see some new stuff and meet some designers that I was not as familiar with.  There were also some really good deals to be taken advantage of.  I, however, was not in the position to be spending ANY money, so I stayed away.

 My- Cherie Haley of Shimmer and Bliss looking as beautiful and brightly colored as always.
Shimmer and Bliss scarves plus Marnie Bugs cuffs.  A brilliant combo. 
This lady didn't have a booth at the Sale, but she should have.  She made this unique necklace out of petrified sea anemones!
My new friend and local designer Marnie Cooper of Marnie Bugs.  I really liked this safari chic look she was wearing at the sale.  Unfortunately Marnie won't be local for long since she is soon moving to go live amongst the trees in Redwood Forest.
Local designer, Lindsey White pulls off the funny face waaaay better than I in this photo.  I don't normally post photos of myself looking like Quasimodo, but what the hey.  
(Photo courtesy of Marnie!)
I came to this sale straight from a job interview so I was sporting a more classy and less casual look.  Everyone seemed to love this dress I was wearing.  I got it from Target about 2 years ago.  I was drawn to it obviously for the nautical and vintage aesthetic.

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