Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion FAIL: put on a shirt

"you're not bartending at Beauty Bar right now" -my friend Josh

I don't care if you are an "artist", you're in some crappy band, or even if you have a nice body.  Not wearing a shirt at a party is just unacceptable...unless it's a pool party OR you are a baby.

Oh and in case you were worrying that the handkerchief around his neck would not suffice, do not fear...he had a spare in his back pocket.

hipster FAIL

*note that I have no issue with the fact that he is wearing fitted green pants.  Those are kinda sweet.  Rock those pants, but, with a shirt please.

keep austin stylish


livin wide said...


joanna said...

yes, precisely

Anonymous said...

You can't be punk AND stylish at the same time. Punk is anti-style and the aim is to agitate people. Mission accomplished.

joanna said...

I'm not agitated though. I like when people dress like idiots.