Monday, June 7, 2010

Bambi Lusts Over the Woodsies

I have no business buying a pair of $165 5 inch heels right now, but, that didn't keep me from trying them on.  Even though I felt like a newborn baby fawn awkwardly ambling around in these Jeffrey Campbell "Woodsies", I couldn't help but imagine how brilliant it would be if I could have them and learn to strut around town without fear of wobbling and ending up in a bush somewhere.

Although they were a little clunky, they were actually surprisingly comfy! They were cushiony and the girl at the store claimed to be able to wear Jeffrey Campbells all day at work without a problem.

These fabulous shoes were found at Intermix in the Domain.  If I had them I think I would pair them with skinny jeans and a loose fitting blouse with my vintage fox fur collar for the winter.  And for the summer, they would look great with my white dress from my Grass is Greener shoot.  Ooooh they would also look great with a wide leg pant.

keep austin stylish


Gretchen said...

Looooove them!
And, if you're really in love, you can buy them here for half of the price you originally found them for! :)

joanna said...

holy crap! That's awesome. You are brilliant.

joanna said...

Although...I'm not sure if I have any money to spend on clothes at all this month even so. PLUS I also kinda look like a giant in those things. I kinda wish I was 5 feet tall in times like these.

Gretchen said...

haha - me too! I'm 5'8'', so I would tower over everyone in those things. a girl can dream though... :)

livin wide said...

love that you still tried them on and did a photoshoot. hells yeah!