Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap: Treasure City Thrift Recycled Fashion Show

Thank you to Treasure City Thrift and iLoveMikeLitt for putting together an amazing fashion show.  I made the trek all the way to E.12th and Harvey St. for the local awesomeness this past Saturday.  I'm not really going to critique the fashion that was shown, because altogether it was just a fun show.  All of the designers approached the task of recycling thrifted materials differently.  Some chose to make political statements with their designs, while others chose to just make a statement...a statement that went kinda like "whoa! that's crazy."  And then there were the designs that you could actually see yourself rockin out on the town.  Regardless of their different styles and approaches, it was clear that all the designers have TALENT.  There was a lot of love at this show, and, it was just one more event that made me so happy to live in the amazing city of Austin!

It was kinda impossible for me to keep up with who designed what while taking photos.  And, although they passed out programs with the designers listed in order of appearance, I'm pretty sure they did not stay true to this order.  So instead of me trying to list the names of the designers along with the photos and risking getting all of them wrong; all the designers with links to their websites are listed at the end of this post....

That model is fellow fashion blogger, Diya of In Her Stilettos
These next 3 looks are the dresses from Lauren Perdue's "Business Casualties".  If you missed the write up I did on her and this collection, you should check it out here.
That is my friend, model and photographer Bibi looking good as always.
Ok I know I said I wasn't going to critique the fashion, but, this dress was one of my favorite looks and one that I could actually see myself (or at least someone) wearing out.
Those last 2 were modeled by the Texas Rollergirls.  They've got some skills on those skates!  As the MC of the night, comedian Chris Trew, would have said that night, "NAILED IT!"

Here are all the amazing designers that contributed designs:
Dominique Bedford
Estella Albion
Belen Ruiz
Johnathan Reynolds
Kandace Vallejo and Rockie Gonzales
Lily & Geneva
Jinny Carder
Nisha Bhatt
Sara Abusheikh
Danielle Kelsey
Quuer Sol
Ari & Sigele

Congrats everyone!

keep austin stylish


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Thanks for the coverage - you got a lot of great pics!

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Great post thinks for including my link