Friday, October 15, 2010

Dog and Pony

Ever since I graduated from UT I hardly ever make it over to the campus area, unless it's to quench my thirst for bubble tea.  So I was unaware of the new boutique near campus, Dog and Pony, that opened up recently.  Dog and Pony lives on Guadalupe next to Kasbah and has only been around for about 2 months, but I have already been hearing some good things about it.  I went the other day to check it out for myself.

What I found at Dog and Pony was a decent selection of trendy clothes that were priced pretty reasonably. There were actually some really unique pieces at this place.  Some one of a kind hand painted tanks were one of the more unique things I saw.  Although they weren't necessarily something I would want to wear since they reminded me of a preschool art project, the idea and artistry of them made me stop and look twice.

They also have a unique and sort of odd selection of shoes which included some TOMS wannabes.  I'm not really sure why you would buy these when you could just buy TOMS and at least have the money go to something beneficial.  They're really not that cute.  I guess they are comfy?

There were several things though that I wanted to try on.  They have a few sweaters right now that I think would be really fun for a new winter wardrobe.  And since I am kind of obsessed with polkadots right now I really wanted to try on some cute black and white polkadot shorts they had.  Unfortunately, they did not have my size in anything that I wanted to try on.  Argh!  That's when I moved over to their vintage section.

Dog and Pony also has a couple of racks of vintage clothing.  I really liked their selection of vintage, and I tried on several pieces.  The vintage stuff is priced lower than the new stuff (with the exception of this designer red scarf that I really loved but was priced at $75 ugh), so I got a cute and comfy red and white polka dot top (again with the polka dots!) for $18.  

The majority of their clothes is priced around $50.  Nothing too cheap, but nothing too pricey (except for maybe some sweaters made with more expensive material.)  Fairly reasonable as far as boutique prices go.

Dog and Pony gets most of their clothing from New York, and several brands are out of Brooklyn.  This made sense to me because the store actually reminded me of boutiques I visited when I was in Brooklyn.

One more boutique to add to the local boutique list!

P.S. they are giving away free tote bags right now with purchase.  And they are actually kinda cute.

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mystylescript said...

i love this place, and star is cool people!

Anonymous said...

<3 this store.

jonesiedoll said...

The ladies there were super nice, and the accessories absolutely adorable!

joanna said...

Yes, the girl who was working there when I came in was really nice. I was asking her so many questions and then later she mentioned it was her first day!

lauramrtnz said...

Bought a vintage sweater and sunglasses there the other day! <333 them!! :)

QuitNguyen said...

On the shoes,

They're from different areas, two different things. Shouldn't call them wannabes.

joanna said...

Okay, I guess "wannabes" might be the wrong word because that implies they are trying to look like TOMS, which isn't really the point. The point is that regardless of if they want to look like TOMS or not, the fact is that they do. And I think TOMS are a better choice.

I should have used the term "look a likes" instead

megan said...

Great Store! I love the accessories by ASTALI!