Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Black and White and Red All Over

I've talked before about using a pop of color in an outfit to add interest.  Recently my favorite color combo has been using black and white with a pop of red.  This is a pretty classic combo and, in my opinion, it never really goes out of style.  Several of the clothing items seen here are things I have had in my closet for awhile.  The exceptions (things you can find in stores now) are the black and white striped shirt from the Gap, fake leather shorts and scarf from Forever 21, swimsuit from Target, and the VINCA jewelry which was courtesy of local designer Amanda Dimova.  If you don't know anything about VINCA you can check out this post I wrote back in August.  VINCA stuff is available for purchase on their website, or you can find some of it at local boutiques Parts and Labour, DownSTAIRS Apparel, IF + D, and Capra & Cavelli.  Correction: VINCA is no longer sold at Parts and Labour, but you can find it across the street at Creatures.

hat: Target, shirt: Gap, shorts: Forever 21, shoes: Aldo, sunglasses: Sunglass Hut
hat: vintage at Room Service, shirt: (don't remember), skirt: Forever 21, belt: SoLa, bow necklace: VINCA

Sometimes just red lipstick can be the pop of color you need.  I highly suggest MAC for red lipstick.  The color stays all day/ night long! It's really super awesome.  I actually bought the one I used here for my Little Red Riding Hood costume last Halloween.  But now I just wear it because it's a lot of fun.

scarf: Forever 21, bear ring: VINCA

And because Halloween is this weekend your pop of red color can be in the form of devil horns...

swimsuit: Target, horns: (I've had these since middle school! I actually think they came from Target as well.)


P.S. I have no idea how I pulled off this photo shoot completely solo.  Franky I think my solo picture taking skills are improving.  Also, I am offering up my styling skills for anyone who needs a stylist for a shoot.  Or really anything having to do with a photo shoot.  I guess I kinda do it all.  Hit me up.

keep austin stylish


livin wide said...

awesome job! love the red and totally need some of those leather shorts - was just about to head to F21 tomorrow to check it out.

joanna said...

thanks! Did you find anything at Forever 21?

Cathy Benavides said...

I love MAC red lipstick! I just got RubyWoo and it is brilliant. Gorgeous pictures girl- you have some mad skillz yo :)

joanna said...

Thanks yo ;)

Amanda said...

hey i'm doing a sale on Can I use the photo of you with the gold bow necklace?

joanna said...

Sure. Go ahead Amanda.