Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recap: South First Fashion Show

When a fashion show starts out with a girl wrapped in a giant python Britney Spears "I'm A Slave For You" style and dances to a tribal drum beat, you know it's going to be a fun show.  But, fashion shows in South Austin are almost always a blast.  A little on the cooky side sometimes, but always unique, South Austin fashion never disappoints.  (And just FYI, I couldn't stop taking photos of that snake girl because it was way too cool.  And my desire to own a snake has now been rekindled.)

The South First Fashion Show, which was held at boutique Mana Culture last Friday, was put together by the non-profit organization Cause to Celebrate.  The mission of Cause to Celebrate is to support local Austin businesses and charities by putting on fun events such as fashion shows and parties.

Supporting local business is  a cause that the boutiques on South First street can definitely get behind, seeing as the street is lined with several small local shops.  The boutiques that participated in the show on Friday were Mana CulturePangaeaAmelia's Retro-vogueLovely Boutique and Schatzelein.

Here are some photos I took of the runway show:

Click here to view more of my photos from the runway show.

And stay tuned for a STYLE Watch post to see what people in the audience were wearing at the South First Fashion Show.

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Christa Freeland said...

Thanks for coming to the show Joanna, glad you enjoyed it! I was the model in the black lace pants with the black hoodie in the beginning of the show. Love the photos Picasa and look forward to reading more from your blog!

joanna said...

Good job with the show Christa! It was a fun one.

Katrina Tolentino said...

Hi Joanna,

Thanks so much for coming to the Cause to Celebrate charity event. We hope you had a great time and hope to see you at future events!