Monday, October 11, 2010

Recap: Fashion Rocks The Belmont

I have to admit, when I don't have tickets to ACL, ACL weekend kinda makes me want to lock my doors and hide under the covers.  However, I sucked it up and somehow made my way downtown to check out the fashion show at the Belmont on Saturday night.

The show started off as promised with some flame throwing tricks.  One of these dudes actually briefly caught his ear on fire!  They then proceeded to swing the fire out into the crowd getting very close to my camera.  Luckily my camera did not end up like that guy's ear.

The fashion show featured looks from Langford Market, Betsey Johnson, and local designers Rachelle Briton, Ana Reign, and Ross Bennett.

Honestly, I didn't see anything on this runway that I would be dying to actually wear.  Maybe this show just wasn't my style.  In fact I was not a huge fan of how some of the girls were styled...

But, there were a few interesting things to take note of.  I did really  like some of the jewelry by Ana Reign.  I have seen her jewelry up close at a previous event and I especially like her big statement rings.  She definitely has some beautiful pieces (but of course nothing I could afford.)

The Queen of Hearts dress by Rachelle Briton is a creative and interesting piece, but I had seen it before so it wasn't as exciting to me as it should have been.  Definitely worth scrolling down and taking a look at if you haven't seen it.

Pobably the most interesting thing though, was Ross Bennett's pink dress because it is a part of his "little pink dress campaign."  For the entire month of October, you can order a custom little pink dress made to your measurements and 20% of each sale is going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Langford Market

Rachelle Briton Designs

Ana Reign Designs

Ross Bennett Collection

Betsey Johnson

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