Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buzz Off Cancer

I know I'm no Sinead O'Connor and would never be able to pull off a buzz cut, but, maybe there are some girls blessed with perfect bone structure out there who are willing to let go of their locks.  It would be pretty nice to not have to bother with a hair dryer...or a comb.  But maybe this is an event more geared towards the men in Austin.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day and Bird's Barbershop is hosting "Buzz Off Cancer" tonight.  You can get a free buzz cut and help set a world record for "most people to have their heads buzzed in solidarity with young adult cancer survivors."  There will be drinks, a DJ, and prize drawings of LIVESTRONG gear for those getting a buzz.


  • Buzz Off Cancer
  • Birds Barbershop
  • 1107 E.6th St.

  • Saturday Oct.2 
  • 6 -8 pm

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