Monday, October 25, 2010

Recap: Glam, Glitter, & Gore Fashion Show

I guess I shouldn't have set my production value expectations too high for an event taking place at a venue called Starving Art Studios.  The small room with low ceilings, lack of good lighting, and questionable DJ made me feel a little nervous about what the fashion show was going to entail.

The turnout for this shopping event and fashion show was probably not what the artists and designers involved had hoped for.   As I stood around waiting for the fashion show to start, it became more and more clear to me that this crowd was similar to that you would see at a school play.  The people in attendance seemed to be mostly that of close family and friends of the people involved.

With all of that said, once the show actually started (an hour later than it was supposed to) I thought it was fun.  I especially liked Anslee of savannahred's Day of the Dead inspired designs.  But after waiting for so long for the show to start, I was disappointed with how quickly the show was over.  I wish there had been more designers involved in this show so that there would have been more designs to see.

Here are my photos from the show that took place last Saturday:

 That last dress of Anslee's was my favorite look of the night.  They called it the Beetlejuice dress.

P.S. Anslee, can you whip me up a halloween costume? Thanks ;)

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Anonymous said...

That makeup is rad, especially with Anslee's dresses. Not too sure about some of the other looks, but I guess anything goes for Halloween...

joanna said...

Yeah, honestly, this show was a little odd. Apparently there were several issues going on behind the scenes that kind of screwed things up. I was recently informed that there were supposed to be more looks shown. But yes, I liked the day of the dead makeup with Anslee's dresses.