Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

It was about 20 minutes into our hour long drive to Sweetberry Farm that I discovered my friend Josh didn't even like pumpkins and had no intention of picking out a pumpkin of his own.  I'm not going to lie, in the past something like this probably would have put a damper on my own excitement of picking out pumpkins.  But, I am a new person these days and nothing can get in the way of my excitement for whatever it is I'm doing.  My new outlook on life is that everything should be cherished.  Thich Nhat Hanh has even taught me to enjoy doing the dishes.  But, I'll get back to somehow making this about fashion and will try not to go on a Buddhist rambling.  (But y'all should also know that Josh ended up pushing my wheelbarrow full of pumpkins for me while I looked around so it all worked out for the best).  Thanks Josh!

This time of year is amazing because it means you get to start wearing a new wardrobe.  The cooler weather allows you to incorporate jackets, scarves, hats, and tights into the mix.  And more importantly than the clothes aspect (yes I just said something was more important than clothes on a fashion blog), after Halloween you get to start thinking about Thanksgiving which means being around family and cooking and eating delicious food.  I start smiling just thinking about it.

So, this pumpkin patch excursion, was a fun beginning to the new fall season.  I wore what in the past I have referred to as my "autumn dress", but maybe now I will call it my "pumpkin dress."  Does anyone else come up with names for their dresses, or is that just me?  This is the first time I have ever posted photos of me wearing an outfit that does not have anything that I bought at a local boutique.  I usually try to incorporate locally bought pieces, but, this outfit seemed too perfect on its own and it is almost entirely from Anthropologie.  I'm really excited about wearing more boots and hats!

Look how happy I am at home with one of my baby pumpkins despite the fact that I got a ticket on the drive home for not having an Austin address on my driver's license.  I mean, I have lived here for like 6 years now and I do have a blog about Austin, so I guess it is a valid offense.

Oh and in case you want to go to Sweetberry Farm, you should totally buy some of the locally made honey and butters they have.  I got the Pecan Honey butter and it is delicious.  It almost made me want to move from Austin and live in a small town.  That and the cajun restaurant we ate at.  Why is the food in small towns so good?

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livin wide said...

you look adorable here (and especially in hats). so glad you didn't let him bring you down - i'm working on that myself!

joanna said...

Aw thanks!

tori said...

I think most of my outfits have names, most of which are very literal except that they end in "costume." So if I'm feeling grumpy and working in a cafe, I may wear my "sassy barista costume." This lack of creativity is probably related to the fact that I try to not wear the exact same outfit twice and at least mix up the feel of it with different accessories. WAY too many combinations to try to be clever every time!