Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ask Me: I Need To Find A Shirt And Tie

I just bought this jacket with matching pants for the UT Law graduation ceremony (woo!):

So, I need to find a shirt and tie.  I really want this to pop, the problem is the color is kind of flat in person.  The only color pattern I'm even sort of happy with, light blue dark blue, seems overdone and kind of boring:

Any suggestions on colors or on where I could find some good options in Austin?  

Zac (@zaxzorz)


Congratulations on your graduation!

The dark blue on light blue shirt and tie color combo is a classic business kind of look, and yes, it is kind of boring, especially for something like a graduation.  BUT, since you chose a light cream suit which is a non-traditional choice, then the blue on blue could work.  Plus, you could make it more interesting by mixing patterns.  Mixing patterns can sound a little scary, but if you know what you are doing then the outcome can be really great.  There are two important "rules" to follow when mixing shirt and tie patterns:

1) One of the patterns should be bolder and dominate the other.  If you have a small print on your tie, then have a larger print on your shirt or vice versa.  The patterns can be completely different but still look good together if you follow this rule AND

2) The shirt and tie must share a common color.  Usually you choose a shirt first and then pick a tie that shares one of the colors from the shirt.

As far as where to shop for this kind of stuff in Austin, you are really just stuck with department stores. Dillards and Jos A Bank have a more conservative selection, while Nordstrom is a bit trendier.

Depending on what you are doing after the graduation, you could go a different more funky route and make the look more casual if you want (i.e. make it more Austiny).  I am a big fan of vintage looking linen madras ties like these:

Good luck with your shopping!

keep austin stylish

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