Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Outfit: Those Summer Nights

It all started when my friends and I had an event to go to at the Highball and then wanted to howl at the moon at Barton Springs after.  What's a girl to wear on an evening such as this?  That's when I was forced to get a little creative and used my awesome 80s swimsuit that I got at Room Service as a top.  This swimsuit works with several different skirts to be transformed into a great dress.  Best $10 ever spent.  The swimsuit dress is perfect for fun in the sun, dancing, and debauchery.  Summer nights in Austin are now even better.

swimsuit: Room Service
necklace: Strut
shoes: Steve Madden at Macy's in the Domain

keep austin stylish

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Aquila said...

It works perfectly! Don't you love that moment when people compliment you on your outfit and you get to say, "Guess what? The top is a SWIMSUIT!" What I'm trying to say is, the idea, and the outfit, are awesome. :)