Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Betty Lash Makeover

Local makeup and beauty salon, Betty Lash, moved from their spot on West 3rd overlooking the train tracks, to the much bigger and beautifully decorated space on West 15th street.  To celebrate, they threw a great bash last Sunday night where they were offering free makeup applications.  I took them up on their offer, because, who wouldn't want to get their makeup done for free? (I kinda hate doing my own makeup, so this was especially awesome for me).  Check out my photos of the newly made over Betty Lash as well as my Betty Lash makeover:

Betty Lash makeup artist, Stacy Matthews, decided I needed a smoky eye in order to make my blue eyes pop.  She definitely achieved this goal, and she also gave my skin a beautiful glow.  She was so sweet and made sure that I liked my makeup and told me she could change anything if I didn't like it.  But, there was no need to change a thing.  I loved it!  That night I knew I must take my makeup off before going to bed but I really didn't want to.  It was so pretty.

In addition to makeup applications, Betty Lash also offers sugaring and waxing, eyelash extensions, and an organic spray tan.  Plus it also carries its own makeup line, Be Belle.

As a bonus to this review, here's me hamming it up for the camera with a top hat in the On the Flipside photo booth:

Pretty cool, huh?

keep austin stylish


Micah said...

Stacy did my makeup for my wedding! I love her work. You look gorgeous in that pic! I also love the flip book. Cute!

Sara KG said...

I've been watching the space and it looks beautiful! Speaking of pretty, your eyes look extra wow!! Did they mention anything about their organic tanning? I've been curious about that...

joanna said...

I was curious about the organic tanning too. I got a little info. from one of the girl's and I got to see the space where they do it, but I should have gotten more info. But I do know that they hand spray you so it's definitely better than any of those places where you walk in a booth and a machine sprays you and you almost die from choking on chemicals.