Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Salon Mirror Mirror Helps Me Face The Mirror

Mirror Mirror owner, Martha Lynn Barnes
Among the gorgeous painted walls and the appropriately beautiful mirrors, several golden boots add to the decor at the new salon on Burnet and West 45th Street.  Austin Fashion Week award winner Martha Lynn Barnes is proud to admit her previous accomplishments in the local salon industry.  But even with a successful run at Jose Luis Salon and Luxe Apothetique, opening her own salon Mirror Mirror is her proudest accomplishment thus far.

Having not had even a trim in more than a few months, I took Martha Lynn up on her offer to give me a cut and redo my highlights at her new establishment.  Poor Martha Lynn... if she had known the state in which I would be arriving to her salon, she might not have been so giving.  I confess that the morning of my Mirror Mirror hair appointment I was looking rough.  Really rough.  Like the kind of rough when you wake up and don't even want to look in the mirror because you can feel the hideousness seeping out of your pores.  If I had asked that morning "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?", unless we had been talking about skin color, I would not have been declared the fairest of them all (I blame the bartender at Chinatown for this.)

But Martha Lynn didn't get mad at me when she realized her brush was going to get stuck in the contents of my hair.  Like the sweetheart that she is, she continued to work her magic and made me feel like I might actually be able to show my face to the rest of Austin that day.  Good thing too, because the White Party was that night and I wanted to look good.  But Martha Lynn made me look better than good.  She gave me exactly what I wanted which was a trim and some natural looking highlights.  My hair instantly looked healthy and fresh.

Already satisfied with my experience so far, something magical happened when I asked "do y'all do makeup here too?"  That's when Martha Lynn directed me to one of the other makeup and hair stylists at Mirror Mirror, Alisha Jurkevicz.  Alisha hooked me up with one of the best makeup applications I have ever had.  Although the application of it felt odd, the airbrush makeup made my skin look flawless.  She also made my eyes look amazing with a few expertly placed false lashes.  I almost jumped out of my chair with joy to start dancing to Flashdance's "What a Feeling" which was appropriately playing out of the speakers.

After my experience at Mirror Mirror, I was more than ready for the White Party and was happily no longer afraid to look in the mirror.

Being the one with the camera and the fact that I was running around like crazy trying to figure out my outfit for the White party, I didn't get any good close up shots of my awesome hair and makeup, but here's me having fun at the White Party...if you look closely you can tell even from afar how great my lashes looked:

Mirror Mirror is located at 4410 B Burnet Road.  (They don't have a sign up yet so it's a little hard to find, but they have a black awning that says Forty Four Ten.)  Prices for women's haircut start at $65 and makeup application starts at $65 as well.

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