Monday, May 24, 2010

Les Artistes Recap

Les Artistes: The Revolution, was the first art and fashion show that creator Grace Rogers has ever put together.  I have to give her credit for putting together a great show.  Creativity, interesting people, and good music were all around me at the Scoot Inn last Saturday.  The art was really great and I would show y'all some pictures, but, everyone was all up in arms about people taking photos of the art.  So I guess you had to come to the event to be able to see it.  I told y'all you should have come!

The music was provided by the band Soul Track Mind, which you can see every Wednesday night at TC's Lounge.  I don't think I've ever seen another white man with so much soul.  And guess what?! I happened to have helped the wife of the drummer (pictured on the left) pick out the very dress she was sporting at the show (It's from SoLa where I work)! How great is that?

Another fashionable girl was this lovely sprite (pictured on the right) who was frolicking around with a lovely glow around her wearing a dress from Free People.  She designed the stage for the night which looked great.

And I cannot go without mentioning the beautiful Ana Reign of Ana Reign Designs.  Ana is a jewelry designer born in Russia but who has lived all over the world including Austin.  Her high end jewelry has been worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Fergie to name a few.  Ana is currently in the process of figuring out what boutique in Austin would be the best place to sell her jewelry.  She expressed to me that she feels Austin is more into simple delicate jewelry when it comes to the high end pieces.  However, she has no trouble finding a market for her large statement pieces in places such as New York.  I wish her all the best.  Her jewelry is gorgeous! If only a $1300 ring was in my price range...
Ana lent some of her jewelry to the fashion show and it looked great on the runway.

This fashion show was particularly interesting and fun because it featured up and coming local Austin designers Aaron Torres, Brandy Harris, Malissa Long, and Lindsey White.  The show started off with Aaron Torres' zombie inspired line of menswear.  His collection was probably the most artsy and high concept type of line compared to the others.

Aaron Torres
That last one is Mr. Torres himself zombying his way into the crowd.

Bandy Harris' collection went next.  It was sorta spunky.

Brandy Harris

Malissa Long's collection contained some of my favorite pieces from the night.  To shop her collection you can go to her website.
Malissa Long
That last one is the designer herself.

Lindsey White got her start working as a seamstress at Cream Vintage.  Lindsey started a reconstructed vintage line taking unwanted clothing and turning them into something new.  You can check out more photos of her stuff at her website.

Lindsey White:
That is Lindsey White herself.  Yes, she is also a model.  Strawberry earrings! So cute.

What an event! It was a good night for local fashion.  These folks are keeping austin stylish!

keep austin stylish

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