Thursday, August 5, 2010

Austin Fashion Week Pick: VINCA

Some women might put out on a pair of diamond earrings in order to say to the world "I am a sophisticated woman."  The VINCA customer, puts on a pair of diamond shaped earrings made out of wood and makes the world laugh.  This laugh is what VINCA jewelry designer, Amanda Dimova, strives to achieve with her work.  Amanda claims she is "incapable of making something that's not either cute or funny."

I first came across Amanda's jewelry when I was shopping on South Congress and went into one of the best stores to find local jewelry, Parts and Labour.  A little bear ring made out of acrylic seemed to be shouting my name.  I could almost see him bouncing up and down like a little anime character saying "pick me pick me" in a high pitched voice.

While VINCA jewelry is playful and happy-go-lucky, Amanda is serious when it comes to her design process.  While most jewelry designers use materials that are already made, Amanda makes the actual components.   Amanda got the idea to work with acrylic when her family, who owned a shoe factory, bought a laser cuter for industrial purposes.  Amanda quickly learned that some pretty cool things could be produced with the precision of a laser cutter.  These pretty cool things include jewelry pieces titled "Rocker Bear", "Super-Power", and "La Grappa."

VINCA jewelry seems like the perfect jewelry line for a lot of the Austin gals I know.  Amanda says she has a friend who
pretty much embodies everything she wants in a customer.  "She's freakin cute. She likes My Little Pony and punk music. She likes to travel. She likes to find vintage stuff at goodwill. She has a wallet that looks like a piece of toast."  For the most part, us Austin girls don't take ourselves too seriously.  It's nice to have jewelry in Austin that reflects this fun care-free attitude.  I'm pretty sure Austin <3's jewelry lines like VINCA.

And what does VINCA think about Austin?  Amanda says, "For some reason in TX, Dallas is considered fashionable. Yuck!  Austin is conscious and modern, progressive and unique."

Lucky for us Amanda is working on some new stuff that happens to be super affordable.  Coming up next from Amanda is a line of necklaces that are on silk cord with either acrylic or wooden charms that will be less than $20!  She also has some giant wooden cocktail rings that are less than $10 which will be available online soon.

During Fashion Week VINCA will be hosted at Milk + Honey spa.  The Austin stores that you can always find VINCA at are: DownSTAIRS, Parts and Labour, IF+D, and Capra & Cavelli.


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