Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fashion Wonderland with Linda Asaf and Rachelle Briton

Monday night Austin Fashion week continued with the fabulous "Fashion Wonderland" event from Linda Asaf Design Studio and Rachelle Briton Designs. The inspiration for the event came from these 2 pieces:

Alice in Wonderland Swimsuit by Linda Asaf

Queen of Hearts dress by Rachelle Briton Design

I got the chance to briefly speak with Rachelle about her thoughts on Austin fashion and her rockin line. Here's what she had to say...

Q: You spent some time in New york, What is your opinion of the Austin fashion scene compared to New York's?

A: "I think Austin has a lot more color than New York. I love black and everyone looks good in black, but in New York, you walk around and everyone is wearing black. I think here we play up color and it's a little more relaxed. Yes you can be very stylish and do funky things, but here people embrace it more and people enjoy that comfort, knowing people are artistic and ambitious. They do whatever they want!"

Q: What inspires you and what was your inspiration for your latest line?

A: "I think everything around me inspires me. Definitely I think pop culture has a lot to do with my collection whether it's Andy Wharhol or Madonna's music. When I was growing up that was a big thing for me and I think I implement that into my line in different ways.   Even if my lin
e is a little bit more conservative, I think bringing something fun and bold into it is always something that brings continuity."

Q: Any big plans for the next year? Are you planning on opening your own shop?

A: "I really want to just concentrate on designing and having a design studio opposed too being a retailer and selling my clothes and designing. I want to sell to different boutiques and stores, where I go to market and focus more on buyers than consumers. I'm always open to doing custom designs cause I love to be challenged. I love somebody's new idea and the fact that they want to express something but
they don't know how. I really want to focus on going to market and building a stronger fashion community here in Austin."

Q: What advice do you have for anyone interested in the fashion industry?

A: "Take every single opportunity, every chance you can possibly get because you learn so much from the world around you. I did multiple internships. I worked at the fashion industry gallery, I interned for Linda Asaf. I interned at MTV Studios where that led to me doing freelance styling and I judged different events. I helped people that wanted to do fashion. I think that all those things combined makes you really well rounded. What it takes to thrive in the fashion industry is a well rounded stylist as opposed to just wanting to do fashion."

I was extremely impressed with Rachelle's designs and I'm excited to see what the future holds for her fashion career.

Guest post by Kara Marshall
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