Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Street Style and Street Shopping in Taipei

The fashion I saw in Taipei really wasn't all that crazy.  In fact, the people weren't really dressed more fashion forward than anyone here.  There were definitely some differences though.  People in Taipei are not afraid of bold color and they tend to mix and match colors and patterns that you might not expect to be mixed.  Pink and red stuck out to me as popular colors to wear.  I also noticed the more fashionable girls wearing baggy dresses that emphasized or exaggerated their hips.  This is an interesting trend that perhaps we will see in America soon as well.

My favorite place to shop in Taipei was definitely the night markets.  The night markets are full of cheap clothing and lots of awesome cheap jewelry.  I could have spent much more time there and kind of wish I had gotten a chance to.  Some clothing items that were popular at the night markets were boaters, fringed vests, and cropped lace jackets.

I could seriously get used to the whole pale is prettier thing that is apparent in Asia.

The only girl I saw wearing cowboy boots in Taipei.

Apparently in Taiwan, tampons look like toy windmills.

We stumbled upon some sort of sexy flight attendant photo shoot.  It was quite awesome.

I almost robbed this sweet Asian girl of her giant red bow.  I want one of those!

Hair bow wigs.  Lady Gaga would be proud.

Don't you wish your boyfriend had feathered hair and a popped collar??

I can't imagine why anyone would feel the need to hang their bra on a hanger.

I tried on several boaters since they were everywhere.  I look like a complete idiot in a boater.  It's not an easy hat to pull off.

Lady with a baby coming through! Hey, wait a minute...

This was the only white guy I saw in a night market.  He saw me and got really excited to see a white girl and started trying to have a convo with me in the middle of all this madness.  He looked really sad to see me go.

I need to get a fake hair bun so that when I put my hair in a bun on top of my head it looks like this girl's.

Can someone please hire me to travel around and research the fashion and trends of other countries? Okay, thanks.

*peace sign*

keep austin stylish


Diya said...

"Don't you wish your boyfriend had feathered hair and a popped collar??"
lol I LOVE your sense of humor joanna. your photos made me a bit homesick since I've not been back since I was 8... even though everyone else in my family stayed through 2+ months last summer.

...and yeah. Asian countries have some weird stuff. did you end up trying that "toilet" restaurant?

joanna said...

We actually accidentally came across it! We didn't have time to sit down and eat there though. They had poop stuffed animals and other poop inspired things in the window.

kesoape said...

What's with all the girls doing the peace sign right by their face?

joanna said...

haha i think it's an asian thing, kate.


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