Monday, August 23, 2010

Austin Fashion Week Awards Winners

Austin Fashion Week came to a close Saturday night at the Long Center with an awards show wrapping up the week's events.  Of course we don't give out any regular old trophies for the Austin Fashion Awards.  Winners receive the coveted "Golden Boot."

Golden Boot for Best Product Photographer

photo by Cory Ryan (winner of Critic's Choice Award for Best Photographer 2 years in a row)

Click here for a little explanation of the difference between the Critic's, People's, and Peer Choices and how they were chosen.

Best Designer (Critic's Choice): Dean Frederick
Best Designer (People's Choice): Tracy Tenpenny Design
Best Designer (Peer Choice): Megan Summerville

Best Mashup Team (Critic's Choice): Mason de Noir
Best Mashup Team (People's Choice): Knotty Youth

Best Retail Store (Critic's Choice): By George
Best Retail Store (People's Choice): Touch of Sass
Best Men's Clothing (Critic's Choice): Stag
Best Vintage Clothing (Critic's Choice): Feathers
Best Accessories  & Handbags (Critic's Choice): Touch of Sass
Best Jewelry (Critic's Choice): Eliza Page
Best Kids Or Baby Store (Critic's Choice): Wee
Best Home Decor (Critic's Choice): Prototype
Most "Austin" Retail Store (Critic's Choice): Parts & Labour

Best Salon (Critic's and Peer Choice): Jose Luis Salon
Best Salon (People's Choice): Roar
Most "Austin" Salon (Critic's Choice): Bird's Barbershop
Best Spa (Critic's Choice): Milk + Honey
Best Photographer (Critic's Choice): Cory Ryan
Best Photographer (People's Choice): Andrew Chan
Best Photographer (Peer Choice): Tania Quintanilla

Best Hairstylist (Critic's Choice): Giacamo Forbes
Best Hairstylist (People's Choice): Martha Lynn Barnes
Best Hair Stylist (Critic's Choice): Jose Buitron

Best Makeup Artist (Critic's Choice): Rochelle Rae
Best Makeup Artist (People's Choice): Zoraima Peleaz
Best Theatrical Makeup (Critic's Choice): Pilar Davila

Best Female Model (Critic's Choice): Brittany Powell
Best Female Model (People's and Peer Choice): Jessa Peters

Best Male Model (Critic's Choice): Kennedy Lemi
Best Male Model (People's Choice): Christian Ramirez

Congratulations to all the winners! Y'all are keepin austin stylish.

And here are some gorgeous red carpet photos of some of the Awards attendees:
Matt and Kara Swinney

Cory Ryan and Tom Hudson


Krista White, Sergio Guadarrama and Carla Figueroa

Dean Fredrick and (?)

photos by Jake Holt

keep austin stylish

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Carlene O'Hagan said...

I am soooo happy By George won a golden boot. I simply LOVE their store, especially the one on Congress. The staff is so friendly that I feel like I've made new friends after I have left. Their clothing is QUALITY and are things I can keep in my closet forever! I also love the quality in their shoe selection and jewelry collection but it's the staff and management that keep bringing me back!