Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Made in Taiwan

I skipped out on Austin FashionWeek this year because I had the opportunity to visit Taiwan.  Seeing as I have not done a lot of traveling outside of the U.S. it seemed like the right choice to make.  But, I hope y'all enjoyed the guest blogging about Austin Fashion Week by my friends while I was gone.  While they were witnessing fashion shows and mingling with local fashion designers, I was doing this:

-trying to do yoga led by a teacher speaking chinese
-walking a hiking "trail" in what appeared to be a jungle
-shop shop shopping
-drinking tea
-eating rice
-eating more rice
-almost crashing a scooter
-attempting to surf (and not drown)
-trying not to throw up every time i smelled stinky tofu
-getting asked to have my photo taken with random asian people
-practicing my dj skills in room 601 after our friend's wedding

Here are some photos of what I wore and the ambiance of Taipei.  I of course sported a lot of local Austin fashion all the way in Taipei.  There will be more photos to come of the street fashion and trends that I noticed while there.

 This was during our hike through the jungle.  It was a somewhat spontaneous hike.  I started to get obscenely hot so I used my scarf as a head wrap.  Although I ended up looking like Aunt Jemima, it totally helped with the heat.  And thank Buddha I happened to be wearing my TOMS or else I would have had mad blisters.
scarf: Luxe Apothetique, top: Forever 21, shoes: TOMS from Whole Earth Provision
bracelets bought in a store that was like the Claire's of Taipei


After hanging out in the city of Taipei we then stayed at a resort hotel by the ocean where our friend was getting married.  The view was beautiful and our hotel room was awesome.  Our room was a Japanese themed room with it's own tea room and a view of the ocean and "Turtle Island."

sweater: Anthropologie, shoes: Stella Says Go

necklace: bought at one of the Night Markets in Taipei

top: Madewell, necklace: bought at one of the Night Markets in Taipei

top: Anthropologie

I'm really glad that I went to Taiwan to experience the other side of the world.  I am determined to make Tokyo the next Asian city that I visit.  I hope y'all kept austin stylish while I was gone because this is hopefully the first of many trips to come!

keep austin stylish

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