Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recap: 88 Art Show

 What you can expect to see at an art show on the East side:

-dirty creative people
-inappropriate and/or vulgar art
-outfits worthy of a second glance
-old men who don't own a tv

All of the above were at the 88 Art show last night.  I don't even know why I bothered to take pictures of some of the art at this show since I feel as though I can't really publish them on this blog.  This blog isn't one of those kind of blogs.  

 This show was interesting and very interesting people were in attendance.  I came to this event mostly to see Project Runway and UT alum, Elisa Jimenez show off some of her designs.  If you don't remember Elisa then you might wanna check out this video of her from Project Runway where she spit marks a fabric.  Elisa certainly did her part to represent the weird side of Austin on Project Runway.  But, Elisa was in her element at the 88 show last night.  Elisa fit right in with everyone there and it was a love fest of everything weird.

That's Elisa Jimenez on the far left.

The show started off at the Domy book store.  Then, Elisa and her models, with an old school boombox in hand marched down the street over to Okay Mountain.  

When Elisa and her models made it to the end of the "runway", the girls began to undress and create a wall of art using their wardrobes.  "Now THIS is the show" said some pervy guy in the crowd.  You can't really blame him though.  

After this, there was more art to observe.  However, this is the point of the hot summer night where I was sweating like a whore in church and craving the AC of my vehicle.

Stay tuned for a STYLE Watch post to see what people were wearing at the 88 art show.

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